"Particularly impressive." —The Boston Globe

Photo By Glenn Black
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→ Meet Mari
A conversation with Mari about multistyle fiddling, "catching" tunes, and why she loves music.


→ Multistyle Celtic
Mari and her World Fiddle Ensemble: "Re-knot" set
Mari and her trio perform a set of her original tunes that they call "Re-knot" (i.e. "tie together again") as a part of the "In The Moment" video series -- one set, one take, one mic!

→ Traditional Scottish
Mari at the Glenfiddich "Festival of Champions"
Mari represents the U.S. at Glenfiddich "Festival of Champions" celebration concert at Blair Castle in Pitlochry, Scotland. This set includes some of her favorite tunes by J. Scott Skinner and William Marshall, as well a beautiful contemporary air by Dr. John Turner.

→ Contemporary Irish
Mari and her Celtic Band: Damien O'Kane tune
Mari and her trio enjoy a favorite tune, "Castlerock Road" by the great Irish tunesmith Damien O'Kane. They had time for just one take on the beach while on the Californian leg of a West Coast tour!

→ Novelty
Championship Novelty Fiddle Routine
Mari gives an encore performance of her virtuosic Graham-Townsend-inspired Novelty Fiddle routine

→ Americana
Mari Black and Mark O'Connor Encore
Mari and Mark O'Connor give a blazing encore performance of O'Connor's "Olympic Reel" at the New England String Ensemble's Mentors and Muses Gala in Boston


→ Blues duo
Mari & Joe Magar: "Dat Dere"
Mari teams up with bassist Joe Magar (of the World Fiddle Ensemble) for a duo blues arrangement of "Dat Dere" by Bobby Timmons. Mari and Joe have been playing jazz duos together since they first met as students at the Yale School of Music, and this tune is a long-time favorite.

→ World-jazz fusion
Mari & Cory Pesaturo: "Helisah"
Mari and her duo partner Cory Pesaturo (3-time World Accordion Champion) perform a wild 5/4 world-jazz tune by the great John Zorn. Live from a special hometown show in Boston, MA

→ Classic standard
Mari & Cory Pesaturo: "But Not For Me"
Mari and her duo partner Cory Pesaturo (3-time World Accordion Champion) trade improvisations on their favorite Gershwin tune, "But Not For Me". Live from a special hometown show in Boston, MA


→ Traditional Klezmer
Mari & Cory Pesaturo: duo Klezmer set
Mari joins forces with her duo partner, world champion accordion player Cory Pesaturo, for a fiery set of their favorite traditional Klezmer tunes at the "Standing Room Only" concert series

→ Romanian tune
Mari & Cory Pesaturo: "Crankin"
Mari and her duo partner Cory Pesaturo (3-time World Accordion Champion) perform a Romanian-style tune written by Cory, appropriately entitled "Crankin'". This tune starts in 7/8...but how many other time signatures can you count? (Hint: There are at least 2 more!)

→ Monti "Czardas"
Mari & Cory Pesaturo, "Czardas"
Mari and Cory (3-time World Accordion Champion) perform their own wild, improvisation-filled arrangement of the famed "Czardas" by V. Monti


→ Piazzolla
Mari and the World Fiddle Ensemble: “Oblivion"
Mari and her band perform Astor Piazzolla’s haunting tango "Oblivion" at Club Passim, with special guest Eugene Friesen on ‘cello

→ Golden Age
Golden Age Milonga with Orquesta Sin Trabajo
Mari leads her tango quartet, Orquesta Sin Trabajo, in a live performance with world-renowned dancers Kara Wenham and Javier Antar in Boston, MA

→ Orchestra
With Carlos & Tova at the Yale Tango Fest
Mari leads the All-Star Orquesta at the Yale Tango Festival, with a special impromptu performance by Carlos and Tova Moreno